Time keeps marching on. The days are long, but the years seem to go by faster and faster the older that I get. This summer was extremely wet here in WV, and my rain gauge has recorded a whopping 47.23″ of rain since January 1st. All of the rainy days has made this summer seem to go by even faster than the previous ones.

The good news is that this past week was very dry and we had time to put some ramp bulbs on the shelf. Now is a great time to plant bulbs since you don’t have to worry about putting them in frozen ground or trying to store them until the ground thaws.

Thanks for all of the orders in the past years. I look forward to shipping your more ramp bulbs!

The ramp bulb order page is located here https://wildwestvirginiaramps.com/order-ramp-bulbs/

Carnifex Ferry Battleground – WV State Park