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How should I plant and grow these ramp bulbs?

For best growing results mimic how and where the ramps grow in the wild. In the wild Ramps grow in shaded areas (usually under trees) with an abundance of moisture and soil rich in organic matter. Look carefully around your gardening area for a tree that will provide a moist soil with lots of shade. Organic matter such as leaves should be abundantly added. Ramps grow naturally under a forest canopy of beech, birch, sugar maple, and/or poplar. Other forest trees under which ramps will grow include buckeye, linden (basswood), hickory, and oak. A forested area with any of these trees present provides an ideal location for planting a ramp crop. Areas that host trillium, tooth wort, nettle, black cohosh, ginseng, bloodroot, trout lily, bell wort, and may apple should be suitable for growing ramps. If there is not a wooded area available to grow ramps, a shade structure can be erected over the planting site.

Hardwood leaves provide the best mulch for ramps. Poor results have been obtained with pine bark and commercial mulches and they should be avoided. The effects of mulching are numerous: decaying organic matter provides essential elements like nitrogen, much needed moisture is retained within the mulched area, and the mulch acts as an insulator to protect the plants in sub-zero temperatures. In addition, mulching helps to suppress weeds as well as protect newly sown seeds, seedlings, and ramp bulbs from wildlife.

I would rather plant my ramp bulbs in the woods.

That’s a great idea also! To plant under a forested canopy, rake back the leaves on the forest floor, removing any unwanted weeds, tree sprouts, or roots. If the soil is not naturally high in organic matter, incorporate organic materials such as composted leaves and other decaying plant material from the forest. Loosen the soil and rake to prepare a fine bed. Sow bulbs about 1/2 to 1 inch a part pressing them gently into the soil. Cover bulbs with several inches of leaves to retain moisture in the soil and to protect the bulbs from the wildlife. When using artificial shade, ensure that you till plenty of organic matter into the soil prior to sowing your bulbs.


  1. Cathy

    Seems like I’m having difficulty with order form. Would like to place an order. Could you please email order form to me?
    Thank you so very much


    Give me some ramps today any like some more now

  3. Gould Bill

    I’d like 36 ramp bulbs but live in Maine. Can they be shipped During April?


    • RampHead

      I don’t know if I will have bulbs available during april, but I should have ramp plants available by then.

      • Gould Bill

        Can you email me about ramp plants in Late March or early April?


        • RampHead

          Just sign up for the newsletter. I bulk email everyone through it.

          • Gould Bill


  4. Lisa

    Do you have to worry about deer eating ramps planted in the woods?

    • RampHead

      Deer won’t hardly touch them at all. They must not like the taste.

  5. Dallas Kirk

    Deer don’t like ramps nor garlic because of the pungent odor, it messes up their ability to smell predators.

  6. Amber

    When do they ship?

    • RampHead

      The next batch is shipping on Tuesday.

  7. RickyMountainMountaineer

    Can I bring these back to CO? I miss Ramos so much

  8. Brooke

    I was so excited to find Ramps that I didn’t put much thought into storing them for the next month or so…what’s the best way to store bulbs until you can plant?

    • RampHead

      Put them in some dirt and put them outside in the cold. They will be fine that way.

      • SOMD Ramp Fan

        I am in the same boat as Brook. With respect to your above comment, do you mean put the ramps and dirt in a pot and put the pot outside during the winter? If the ground is frozen, is there another option for the long term storage of the ramp bulbs?

        • RampHead

          What I was trying to convey was to put them in a pot of dirt and put the pot outside for the winter. That is the best way I have found to store them.

  9. Kathy

    Love to order bulbs to establish in hardwood forest at back of property. Loaded with trout lilies , trillium and May Apples , so I am assuming perfect conditions. I do live in western NY though. It’s been a crazy mild winter , but I worry about when to plant ? Store in dirt as you suggested above ? Or right in the ground if it’s not frozen ? Hate to buy and have them die before we get them in ? Should I wait to order ? Thanks !

    • RampHead

      If the grounds not to hard to dig right now, they will be fine if you plant them.

  10. Lynn

    I have some ‘transplanted’ ramps growing in a wooded area and am now ordering more of them. You can never have enough ramps!

    I am in the northern Shenandoah Valley in Virginia and mine were transplanted in areas where I knew the ramps would do well. Just like the instructions say — mimic the ramps’ natural environment as best as possible and the ramps you purchase will flourish. Mine are near our stream, in the woods where we have mostly deciduous mature trees like Oak, Hickory, Redbuds, Sassafras, and Dogwoods.

  11. Dennis Haystead

    I’ve ordered 30 bulbs about a month ago and still haven’t received them how much longer before shipping ??

    • RampHead


      Your order was delivered on March 16, 2016 , 2:32 pm. I will email you the tracking information.

  12. Carol Mathers

    Since ramp bulbs have stopped shipping–can I plant live small ramps now and have them live to multiply next year?

    • RampHead

      You can plant them this year, but I don’t think they will seed that soon. It will take a season or two for them to flower and seed.

  13. Melissa D Waller

    How much are the ramp bulbs?

  14. Susan Lee

    How big are the bulbs? are they mature or small? If I order a large 60 count how many will I get for free?

    • RampHead

      Since we are in the middle of winter, the bulbs are small due to the shrinkage in the cold weather. They are from mature plants though. The LARGE $60 order comes with 100 bulbs. During this sale, you get the 100 bulbs + you get 36 bulbs (free) from the small order. (THE SALE WAS ONLY FROM 1-12-17 TO 1-14-17).

      • Susan Lee

        Can we use credit card for purchases?

  15. Terri

    Can you ship to New Zealand?

    • RampHead

      Sorry, but I can’t do that.


    Can you ship to Canada?

    • RampHead

      Sorry – I can’t do that.

  17. David P

    So it’s now early May, when is the next time I can order something to plant ramps? From what I’m reading, I suspect its next spring? Ramps were plentiful in the farmers markets here in NY last week, would I be able to do anything with those to establish some plants? The farms usually sell them roots and all. Good those give me a headstart til I’m able to buy bulbs next spring?

  18. Vladimir Kelman

    Are you going to have Ramp Bulbs this Fall, or a next Spring only? How to reserve/subscribe?

  19. Elaine Doherty

    Will ramps grow in Alabama?

  20. Steve

    How well will ramps grow in Alabama’s gulf coast region?

  21. Steve P

    How well will ramps do in Alabama’s Gulf Coast region? There are thickets around my house that might be perfect for growing them if climate is not a problem

    • RampHead

      I’m not sure. Try them out and let me know. 🙂

  22. Roger Warnick

    Just ordered bulbs. Near St Louis. It’s November. And snowing. When are you shipping? Can I plant this time of year? I usually order in Jan and plant in late Feb or March.

    • RampHead

      If you can get them in the ground before the ground freezes, they will be fine.

    • Steve

      How well would they do in 90+ degree F weather?

      • RampHead

        I really have no idea. Buy a small order and try them!

  23. Rebecca Dooley

    I just received the bulbs as a gift. What time of year do you plant them?

    • RampHead

      It’s best to put them in the ground before the ground is frozen.

    • Vladimir Kelman

      Last year I bought them at similar time, planted immediately part of it and kept another part in a damp dirt on a cool porch. At late winter or early spring ones on a porch began to grow so I put them into pots. It was still to cold to plant outside (Maryland, zone 7a.
      Later ones which I planted outside in a late fall began to grow too. Comparing ones I planted in November / December with ones I kept on a porch – ones planted immediately did better, we’re healthier / thicker.

  24. Mike

    i plant these now in the winter or do they keep til i can plant after winter?

    • RampHead

      If your ground isn’t frozen, you should plant them now.

  25. Amy E Rue

    My husband and I adore ramps, having picked alot of them wild while living close to the Black Forest. I just ordered some bulbs to plant (yay!) My question is this: We live in Montana, where it has been SUPER cold, and my bulbs arrived and (sadly) froze in my mailbox in the time it took me to get home and retrieve them. I have them in the fridge now, but do you think they’ll actually survive having been frozen? (The temp was something like -10) Should I order more? Don’t really want to miss out on another year! Thanks for your consideration.

    • RampHead

      I’m not sure if they will survive or not. They get frozen in the ground most winters since they don’t grow very deep. Just have to try planting them to find out. 🙂

  26. Vladimir Kelman

    Guys, when I collect Allium Tricoccum leaves in my garden, should I cut just some leaves of each individual plant to allow it to survive and prosper next seasons, or do they respond good to cutting all the leaves?

  27. Tom siera

    Can I go ahead place order for ramp bulbs now even though you temporarily out of stock

  28. Wyanette

    When will you start orders for bulbs?

  29. Enrique

    I live in Boston. Can i still plant the ramp bulbs this late in the season?

    • RampHead

      You sure can!

  30. John Murphy

    I received your ramps for Christmas. When should I plant them? I live in Seattle.

  31. Jessica Amos

    Hello – I am A West Virginia girl who lives in Los Angeles. I would Love to grow some Ramos in my garden. The soil is very poor here so I was considering planting bulbs in a smart part under the shade of an olive tree. Does that seem like a good grow location? Can I plant in February?

    • RampHead

      It’s worth a shot. Buy a small batch and report back!

  32. Patricia Davis

    I would like to be added to your newsletter!

  33. Jens

    Excited to get my ramps today. I have woods. Also lots of squirrels. Do I have to worry about them?

    • RampHead

      I don’t think squirrels will mess with them. I don’t know of any mammals that eat them other than humans. 🙂

  34. Susan Winter

    Will you be shipping ramps in April? I’m in upstate N.Y.and ground is frozen I really want to order but the ground isn’t workable yet any suggestions on what to do

  35. Harold Cantrell

    Just got my ramp bulbs today, when should I plant them.If not till spring should I keep them in a dark cool space. I live in central KY.

    • RampHead

      You should plant them now. They will survive under the ground during the snow and freezing weather, and they will start growing again in the spring.

  36. Sara

    We’re so happy we found out about you! My husband grew up near St. Albans and we later lived in Ritchie County and then Morgantown. We now live on 74 acres in the Adirondacks in upstate NY, and look forward to planting the ramp bulbs that just arrived. Ramps do grew wild up here so we’re hoping they’ll thrive.

    • RampHead

      I hope they grow good for you. Good luck!

  37. anita b

    Received my beautiful ramps! All good sized, healthy looking with some roots now in the ground. Fast shipping. Thank you so much!

    • RampHead

      You’re welcome!

  38. Anita Simpson

    I posted it on the King of Stink facebook page. Hope you sell a lot.

    • RampHead

      Thank you so much!

  39. Elizabeth

    Received our shipment very quickly and they looked (and smelled) fantastic. Have planted them up on the mountain where I saw may apples last year. Thanks for your great customer service!


    The ground is frozen here and probably until late April when can I order for planting?

  41. Shelley Palazzolo

    I see these are out of stock currently. Do you expect to have stock again for ordering this year?

  42. agnus2

    Seeking ramps to grow in Tennessee. Please notify when available using blog subscription email.
    Ann Lamb

  43. Diane

    Do you sell dormant bulbs for next year. I glad i found your site. I bought ramp plants and can’t find where i bought them.

  44. Erika

    When do you expect to have ramp bulbs for sale again? Thanks!

  45. Rick Dawsey

    Bucky, I just received my bulbs here in Atlanta and put them in the freezer until I can get to my site, 3000′ altitude in the North Georgia mountains. Old forest, heavily wooded with hardwoods, undisturbed. All as you describe, and where they grow wild here as well. Last year I planted the bulbs and none came up! You mentioned that animals will eat them. Do you have any advice on protecting them in the woods like this? How does Mother Nature do it?
    Thanks, Rick

  46. Erika

    Thanks so much, got my ramps and am planting in the woods! Thanks & Cheers!

  47. Msa

    Can you please provide a typical timeline as to when the sales of each product open each season? I’m not sure if there’s a sale still going to happen this spring or if I need to wait another year.

  48. Elizabeth Baldwin

    Hello! When will you have stock of ramp bulbs?

  49. Kathryn

    I’d like to plant these in large containers (half wine barrels.) What tips do you have for growing ramps in containers? Thank you.

  50. Chris Giordano

    Waiting for you to have them for sale. TY

  51. Steve Eddy

    Where are you located? Should be able to drive to you and pick them up when the bulbs are ready. And prices please. Thank you.

  52. Visar Duane

    How much of the area I need to plant 100 bulbs. I leave in Cleveland, Ohio.

  53. Brian Stover

    Hello im 58 my fathers side of the family are all from wva , but are all gone now,,passed away,,i grew up eatingramps have not had them since my family no longer are alive in wv, its been 30 yrs , i live in northern michigan, never seen 1 ramp, can i grow ramps up here ? can i buy ramps from you preferrably with the green leaves still, love fried ramps, but the smell , whew lol lol, love them raw to, Thank You Brian

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