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Warm weather means that it’s a great time to plant ramp bulbs.

Just a quick message to let you know that we have plenty of ramp bulbs available once again. If you have been on the fence about buying some, now is a great time to get them. The weather has been great and you still have plenty of time to get the bulbs in the ground before it freezes. Once the ground freezes it becomes a little more difficult, but not impossible, to get the bulbs planted.

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Ramp Bulbs Are Shipping For 2020

Hello everyone. I hope that you all are doing well. What a ride 2020 has been huh? I’ve had better years for sure. Hopefully it only gets better from here on out. Do you think that is just wishful thinking? 

Enough of that nonsense.

It’s ramp bulb time! I have a supply of ramp bulbs that is ready to ship out. Now is the time to plant them if you want to grow some spring ramps. Just put them in the ground now and wait for them to grow. 

Ramp Seasoning 2020

I would like to start off with an apology. I know how many of you look forward to ramp season every year, and I am disappointed that I was not able to serve you this time. This is the first year in twelve consecutive years that I did not sell spring ramps. As a small business owner, it was heartbreaking, but I am starting to get everything moving again. I will say that most of us in West Virginia have been lucky, compared to what we see happening in our neighboring states. So far, my family is doing well. I appreciate all of your concerns.

Since I wasn’t able to provide spring ramps this year, I want to be able to supply you with all of the ramp seasoning that you desire. I’ve got a good start on it already, I’m just waiting for a few more supplies before I can move it out the door. Pre-order is currently available and I expect the first shipments to start going out mid June. The website is active so you can log on to buy your seasoning whenever you wish.

I hope you guys are doing well, no matter where you are.

Buy Ramp Seasoning Now

ramp seasoning
Support small business. Buy a bottle for your friends.

The First Ramp Orders of 2019

Another year has passed and it is once again time to start stinking up your kitchens with the wonderful smell of cooked ramps. They are growing a little bit behind schedule this year, but that is to be expected with the cold weather lingering around as long as it has. It’s finally time though.

The photo below is the current size of the ramps. This is the best time to eat them. They’re small, potent, and with the weather still being cool, they do much better during shipping.

Early Wild Ramps

If you want ramps this size, you may order now. The first shipments will be going out on Monday the 8th. (If I get a chance, I might be able to ship out a few of the first orders this Tuesday the 2nd, but I can’t promise that due to snow being in the forecast once again.)

You can find the order page by clicking the link below.

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