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Black Friday Ramp Bulb Sale 2019

Wild West Virginia Ramps is having a Black Friday sale from 12am 11/29/19 through midnight on 12/01/19.

All ramp bulbs are discounted 15% and the prices listed on the site include shipping.

Use coupon code BF2019 when checking out.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Another Batch of Ramp Bulbs Is Ready

I know this has been on again / off again for the past week, but I’m only able to dig these in limited quantities at the moment. I do have more this time than I have the past couple of time though.


Wild WV Fox


Ramp Bulbs Are Available Again

I have the same quantities available again for those of you that missed out over the weekend.

Buy Ramp Bulbs


wv fall foliage

Limited Quantities of Ramp Bulbs Currently Available

I have a small supply of ramp bulbs currently available. These will sell out quickly, but I hope to have more to replenish them soon. If you want to get some in the ground now, please place your order.

You can click on this link for the ramp bulb order page.

Buy Ramp Bulbs

Majestic WV scenery

The First Ramp Orders of 2019

Another year has passed and it is once again time to start stinking up your kitchens with the wonderful smell of cooked ramps. They are growing a little bit behind schedule this year, but that is to be expected with the cold weather lingering around as long as it has. It’s finally time though.

The photo below is the current size of the ramps. This is the best time to eat them. They’re small, potent, and with the weather still being cool, they do much better during shipping.

Early Wild Ramps

If you want ramps this size, you may order now. The first shipments will be going out on Monday the 8th. (If I get a chance, I might be able to ship out a few of the first orders this Tuesday the 2nd, but I can’t promise that due to snow being in the forecast once again.)

You can find the order page by clicking the link below.

March Is Finally Here

Can you believe it? March has finally arrived and I couldn’t be more exited. As I get older, the winters seem to last longer even the though years seem to go by quicker. I am ready for spring. This winter has seemed to last exceptionally long. While we haven’t had any HUGE amounts of snow, it has been so cold for so long, and quite frankly, I’m tired of it.

Good new though! We are through the first week of March and on a downhill slope towards spring. The ramps will be popping up through the ground in a couple of weeks and that is a sure sign that spring has arrived.

In the meantime, we have plenty of ramp bulbs ready to ship out. Ramp bulbs are a great way to get a head start on growing your own ramp patch this year. So if you are as ready for spring as I am, and you are itching to be able to get outside and do something, consider starting your own ramp patch. Planting them will give you a little something to do outside while we wait on warmer weather.

yellow easter lily

Yellow Easter Lily is a digitally rendered photograph by Joan Minchak. The original artwork can be found at Fine Art America.

A Few More Ramp Bulbs Left

Hi guys!

Just a quick update to let you know that we do have a few ramp bulbs left. Once these are gone, we may not see anymore until the snow melt in February or March.

And a super big THANK YOU to all of you that sent my Grandmother a birthday card. She was anxious to get the mail everyday so she could see where the cards came from. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Ramp Bulb Order Page

Ramp Bulbs For Sale Fall – 2018

Ramp bulbs are once again for sale. We will sell them for as long as the weather permits.

Pricing and payment buttons are on the Ramp Bulbs order page.

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