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Freshly Dug Ramps

2022 Spring ramp sales are over and all remaining orders are in the process of being fulfilled.


Ramps and other fresh edibles are highly perishable and fragile. For this reason you should have them shipped at a location where you are available to receive your shipment when it comes. Your work is a great place to have your ramps shipped to if you have cannot be home to accept delivery.

typically only ship ramps on Mondays and Tuesdays, so you should expect your ramps to be delivered on Wednesday or Thursday. Someone should be available to accept delivery. USPS will drop the package off if no one is there and your perishable ramps could set out in the sun and ruin.

In rare cases of severe weather, USPS planes run behind schedule. USPS nor Wild West Virginia Ramps stand behind perishables which spoil due to inclement weather. 

It’s that time of year again in West Virginia. The fresh spring air is filled with the pungent smell of Wild Ramps growing deep in the mountains. A lot of people have been suggesting that I go out and dig some ramps for them. While I don’t mind doing this for a few people, the amount of people wanting the ramps has far exceeded my means of giving them away for only a shipping charge. I am now selling ramps, and will strive to bring you the best ramps on the internet.

Ramps appear first in their southern range in late March. The season finally ends in the far north in early-to-mid May.

The folk medicine reputation which holds both Ramps and Wild Leeks to be powerful healers turns out to be well deserved. They are high in Vitamins C and A, and full of healthful minerals and have the same cholesterol-reducing compounds found in garlic and other members of this family.

This is a seasonal item with selling dates ranging from March to May. If you can see the payment buttons above, then I have fresh ramps that are ready to be shipped!

I dig your fresh ramps each weekend. All orders are packed and shipped out Monday and Tuesday. (I don’t like to ship later in the week because I don’t want anyone’s ramps to have to sit in a mail truck over the weekend.)


  1. stevensjwing05

    hello bucky, how many young leaks are there in a pound……{count}

    • RampHead

      It will vary by size, but I will try to get an average count tonight when we get back from digging.

      • Robert jones

        I ordered five pounds on Tuesday but have not seen them.:(

        • RampHead

          Hi Robert. I only dig ramps on the weekends, and I only ship on Monday’s and Tuesdays. I accumulate a weeks worth of orders before I ship. All orders that were placed on the 5th and later will be shipped out this Monday the 13th. You should receive a shipping notice on Sunday the 12th as I prepare the shipping labels for this weeks orders. I need to explain this better on the order page.

    • Bonnie Nicholas

      I am also curious about an average for how many ramps in a pound, didn’t see a reply- recipes can be very tricky when you have no idea

      • RampHead

        It really depends on the size of the ramp. I will try to get you an average number soon.

  2. Brian

    Hi, I just ordered ramps from you. I was reminded to make sure we get ones with leaves on them rather than just the bulbs. One year we ordered too early and they didn’t have the leaves yet. We eat the green part, too! Also, when do they ship?

    • RampHead

      At this time they have very little green on them. I will have to hold your order for another week at least.

  3. Barbara Grubbs

    How do I order ramps.

  4. RampHead

    Barbara, do you see the paypal button in the post above? You have to order through that.

  5. Vanessa

    Can I add more to my order just by making another order? I’m trying to bribe my brother to come help move…. 🙂 Also, have any good recommendations on canning recipes for ramps?

    • RampHead

      Hi Vanessa. Unfortunately there is no easy way to add to an order. However, you can place a second order and you will get two shipments.

      • Vanessa

        Ok. Thanks!

        • Jasmine Stacy Jones

          Vanessa, I have a few tried and true pickled ramp bulb recipee, also a couple of good variations of ramp butter recipes that are easily freezable..

  6. Tonia Addison-Hall

    Vanessa, there was a book at our library called “The Foothills Cuisine of Blackberry Farm” that had a canned ramps recipe in it. I was upset because gorgeous ramps were on the cover but it only had ONE recipe in it!

  7. Sarah Atcheson

    Can I order 6 lb.?

    • RampHead

      Sorry, but the most I feel comfortable shipping in a single box is five pounds.

      • Jasmine Stacy Jones

        Absolutely, for freshness and product quality, I have purchased ramps from you for many years now ( at least 6) and I have always had a delivery exceed my expectations!!

  8. Sarah Atcheson

    Please help, I ordered ramps last year from a different address and now I can,t get the new info thru, I have tried about 5 times without sucess.I am 82 and my memory
    Is not too good and I am getting too confused to keep trying. Thanks

    • RampHead

      I am not sure why your order isn’t going through. Are you getting an error?

  9. tracy ramsey

    I was wondering if you need help in filling your orders. My holler is full of wild ramps you could say over ran with them. I dig for myself and older neighbors.
    Thanks Tracy

    • RampHead

      Thanks, but I think we have plenty!

    • Jasmine Stacy Jones

      You are awesome, tracy!

  10. RampHead

    It sure does.

  11. terri b

    I would like some ramp bulbs, maybe 3 dozen or so.

  12. Mikel

    I’d purchase some bulbs to see if I could get them to grow here! I tried with seeds and didn’t have any luck.

    • Jasmine Stacy Jones

      I’m trying this year for the first time, experimenting around, pac NW region.

    • Jasmine Stacy Jones

      Where is “her”, sweetie?

      • Mikel

        Eastern NC

  13. Barbara Evans

    Yes how much

  14. Tim

    Yes I Would Be Interested In Bulbs

  15. Krystal Ashcraft

    I live in western Washington State, not sure if the climate here is good for growing ramps, but I’d sure be interested in trying!

    • Willie

      I am a truck driver and have found ramps growing in several north western states. These are some of the states. ND, MN, IL, MI, Have not found in MT, or WA states.

      • Jasmine Stacy Jones

        I just put seeds (I know, can’t be cultivated, but from a local forager, so we shall see) in a large contained plot, soil has been enhanced with bone meal and blood meal due to our local soil conditions, mainly not much of it, and Volcanic so I used containers and good quality potting soil and added my own fertilizer after testing the pH.

  16. Brian Pinci

    Yes I’d be interested in trying the bulbs

    • Jasmine Stacy Jones

      If you pickle them ripe, oh my goodness, they’re amazing! it’s like a burst of garlic, onion and funk, until you actually try one there is no adequate description to be perfectly honest.



    • RampHead

      Not available yet, but I will let you know soon.

  18. ricky

    yup I knew it was early but figgered better get started now

  19. John

    Do you buy ramps

    • RampHead

      Not usually. I dig my own along with the help of friends.

  20. Danny ODell

    I live in Ohio. There are some ramps around here, but not like in W.Va. How much would it cost for 5 lbs. of bulbs?

  21. Helene Mcdaniels

    Are the ramps ready?

    • RampHead

      Not yet. Getting close though!

  22. ricky

    don’t forget about me

    • RampHead

      I won’t.

  23. Shay

    how much does a bushel of ramps weight roughly?

    • RampHead

      Not sure how much a bushel weighs….

    • David

      How Mandy pounds is in a bushel of ramps

  24. ricky brown

    A bushel of ramps would weigh about maybe 20lbs

  25. Robert Kann

    I live in Chesapeake Virginia. Approximate date you will be taking orders for shipment? Since living down here, I really miss them.

    • RampHead

      I plan on opening the order forms one day this upcoming week.

  26. Charlie

    I plan on ordering a pound to replant them the weekend after receiving them. Should I refrigerate them for those few days?

    • RampHead

      A very cool place would be ideal. They should be just fine in the refrigerator.

  27. Nic

    Did you ever find out the approximate number of ramps per pound? I was also wondering if the ramps come untrimmed so they are still good for transplanting?

    • RampHead

      No, I never did an approximate # per pound. I should do that.

      Yes, the ramps do come untrimmed so they can be transplanted.

  28. Eleanor

    Would the ramps be plantable when they arrive? I have a wooded area on a northeast facing slope in the piedmont of North Carolina and I want to grow some ramps if possible on my little farm. If they aren’t plantable, I still would like to order them for eating!

    • RampHead

      Yes, they are plantable.

  29. Cecelia

    What is the best time to order ramps. I like them with leaves and medium size white part. Are they cleaned when shipped. When is the latest you can order before you sell out.

    • RampHead

      They are not cleaned when shipped. If you want that size ramp, next week would probably be a good time to order. The latest to order is when they start to flower. That should be about 4 weeks from now.

      • Cecelia

        When I say cleaned, I mean do you at least rinse the dirt/mud off before shipping?

        • RampHead

          I shake the dirt off as much as possible. If I rinse them, then I have to let them dry and they tend to wilt significantly during the drying process.

          • Cecelia

            I placed an order for 2 lbs of ramps. Is it possible for you to hold my order for 2 weeks before shipping out. I prefer them bigger.

          • RampHead

            When did you order? The next shipments will be on going out on 4/13….they should be pretty big by then.

          • Cecelia

            Please hold my order to be shipped out in your next shipment after 4/13. I really would appreciate it.

          • RampHead

            That would be on 4/20

  30. Tony Hathaway

    What are they shipped in?

    • RampHead

      Onion sacks in a box with holes in it.

  31. Charles Jones

    Aloha! West Virginia native here, now residing in Hawaii. Can you legally ship ramps here?

    • RampHead

      I have no idea…Not sure if priority mail is only for continental 48 States or not. I will have to check.

  32. doug redden

    what part of wva are you located .

    • RampHead

      Greenbrier County

      • Barbara Powell

        I grew up in Webster co. How I love those RAMPS! I will be ordering from you this spring.

        • RampHead

          Sounds great!

  33. Debby

    How long will they last refrigerated. Can they be frozen or what’s the best way to keep them stored to last longer Thank you, I’m trying to revive a memory for my father. He always talks and finding and eating ramps as they found them!

    • RampHead

      You can keep them chilled for a week or two. In the freezer they will last much longer especially if you vacuum pack them. After they are cleaned of course.

  34. Cereta Pearson

    Hi Bucky. I placed a order on April 5 2015 for two pounds. I haven’t received and shipping info yet. Do you have an idea when they’ll get here. Thanks

    • RampHead

      Hi Cereta.

      Everything ordered from April 5th onward will be shipped out with the next batch on April 13th.


  35. Cecelia

    I placed my order on 4/6. Got confirmation with receipt # 1441-6748-1398-7879. Please let me know if you received my order.

    • RampHead

      Yes. You are in the next batch… Shipping on Monday. I always take a full weeks orders, dig them all on the weekend, and ship on Monday’s and Tuesdays.

  36. Cecelia

    ok thanks

  37. ChuckM

    Can tHey be shipped overseas ? My friend in Sweden wants some. He’s never had them before.

    • RampHead

      I don’t think I can do that. Shipping would be outrageous.

  38. Cecelia

    That would be great…Thank you

  39. Matthew

    Still taking orders and are they shipped skinned and cleaned or as is?

  40. Matthew

    Lol actually took time to read all the comments. I see how they are shipped now. Anyway, how long are you taking orders?

    • RampHead

      Another week or two, and that will probably be it.

  41. cindy

    im interested in ordering some some for my husband could the be shipped to arkansas without going bad

    • RampHead

      Yes. No problem.

  42. Ericka

    Looking forward to getting your ramps! I want try to make it to one of the festivals in WV this weekend or next, but I wanted to make sure I got them just in case. It is hilarious how many folks ask about dirt being on them!!

  43. cindy

    how soon can i order…

    • RampHead

      You can order now.

  44. cindy

    k do i need to send a money order or how do i need to pay

    • RampHead

      Scroll up near the top of the page, and click on the quantity that you want. That will direct you to a page that accepts credit cards.

  45. cindy

    k ty

  46. Lisa

    Received my ramps today, cleaned them, cooked them and now we are in a food coma! lol. ABSOLUTELY DELICIOUS!!!!!!!! Think I’m gonna order more tomorr before they’re gone. THANKS SO MUCH

  47. Carolyn

    Can you pant these ramps?

  48. Chick

    Is it possible to come to you to get them?

    • RampHead

      I pretty much live in the middle of nowhere…

      • Chuck

        That’s my favorite destination. I see you are in Greenbrier Cty. That’s just out of my range. I’ve got a place up in Hardy Cty, had you been near there, I would be there within hours of you diggin’. 🙂

  49. Doug Redden

    When will you be taking your last orders? We got some from you last week SO SO SO GOOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • RampHead

      Not sure. I hope to get another week, but not 100% sure.

  50. Andrew Gallagher

    Been really wantin to try these. Can’t wait to get my order I just placed.

  51. cassandra reid

    Do Ramps grow in this Gulf Coast area? Is there a place I can get starter bulbs?

  52. G Money

    Goodness! People ask some crazy a$$ questions. I wonder how you have actual time to complete orders between answering them. Do a google search and realize that the mail/shipping system is an approximation at best, ripening doesn’t work by a schedule, and that a small ag business sometimes doesn’t either. I don’t expect a reply. Keep up the good work. I admire what you are doing!

  53. Jennifer Hatfield Stallings

    Is there an email list or wait list I can get on for the 2016 ramp season? I live in Eastern NC and would like to try to plant some. So you think they will take root and grow here? Do you send planting instructions with them? Thank you, McDowell county native.

    • RampHead

      Under the proper conditions, whether they be natural or man-made, people have had success growing them just about anywhere.

      You can find planting instructions here:

      Also, you can find the newsletter subscription option at the top of any post. It’s in a yellow box.

      • Jennifer Hatfield Stallings

        Thank you so much.

  54. Jennie g.

    How would I go about buying some ramp bulbs to plant? Price/quantity?



    • RampHead

      I will be posting that information soon. Make sure you are signed up for the newsletter.

  55. Toni Kenney

    Hi! When do you begin orders for this year (2016) and your price, please. Thank you!

    • RampHead

      It generally around the last week of March or the first week of April. Prices to be determined for this year. Sign up for the newsletter and I will email everyone once they are available.

      • judylaprade

        Please add me to your mailing list to let me know when ramps are available for shipping:

        Thanks so much, Judy

        • RampHead

          Hi Judy. I deleted your email address from your comment. You don’t want everyone to get hold of it.

          If you want on the mailing list, just sign up via the big yellow newsletter button near the top of this post.

  56. rick

    let me know also when you are ready to start shipping.

  57. Debbie

    Hi when can I order?

    • RampHead

      The last week of March is usually when they are up and we start shipping….depending on the weather. It could be a week earlier or a week later.

  58. charles craft

    I have looked all over this page, and do not see an emblem for pay pal, or the actual order form. Where is the form and how do I get to it.

    • RampHead

      The order buttons aren’t up yet. Check back later this week.

  59. Cathy Kirby

    I just placed an order for 5 lbs but reading your comments that there is very little “greens” on these that are being dug now. Will you hold my order back a week or so so that mine have some greens on them, we like that part of the plant also.

    • RampHead

      I will do my best to remember this….

      • Cathy Kirby

        well in that case just go ahead and ship my order. My account has already been debited anyway so Ill take what I can get. Thank you!! will I get a shipment notification?

        • RampHead

          Yes – you will get a shipment notification. Your order will be shipping out on Monday the 28th.

          • Cathy Kirby

            well I received my order, and yes we have ate all 5 pounds all ready and have placed a re-order YUM!!!!!!!!! the only “negative” thing is that when the ramps came, it seemed like the ramps had been dug a while or maybe it was the 2 days in shipping, but some of the ramps had mold starting on them. I know its probably because they are shipped with the moist dirt still on them but even so they were awesome!!!!

  60. Jim koon

    When will they get larger? The ones I got are young I’d like some bigger stronger when should I order send me a link for 1 lb when the are bigger thanks.Jim

    • RampHead

      They are pretty big now. Another week and they will be full grown.

      • Jin koon

        Send me a link for 1 lb to ship in one week pls thanks

  61. Cathy Kirby

    Got my ramps in today!! 🙂 Hot dog Im eating ramps tonight for supper YUMMMMMM!!!!! and these are much bigger than the last order, note to self for next year be patient and order a little later, but there so good I don’t know if I can wait that long LOL!!!!!

  62. Vernon Thompson

    Dear Sir, will I be able to plant the ramps you mail out? I want to try to get some started on my property. I live in Wayne County. Thank you for your time.

    • RampHead

      Yes, you will be able to plant them.

      • Vernon Thompson

        OK, thank you very much.

  63. John

    just ordered 1 pound, hope that’s enough for 2

    • John

      well the ramps got lost in the postal service for a couple days, and they smell really good, but not happy with the amount, just doesn’t seem like no where near a pound of ramps, and I understand it can loose a little water weight, but when I only live like an hour or so from the location,, still not the amount I had hoped for, but thanks

      • RampHead

        These ramps were very large and most of the weight is in the stems and the bulbs. Earlier in the season, you get most of the weight in the leaves because the bulbs haven’t started to swell yet.

  64. maurice Grants

    I ordered 2 lbs last year. It was a good amount for several wonderful meals for two.

  65. Wanda Hoskinson

    how do i order

  66. Amanda Post

    How much do you sell your leeks compound? I know it’s too late to order. But I would still like to know

  67. barbara powell

    You said no more orders for 2016! How do I order for this spring?? Have to have my RAMPS!

  68. Barbara powell

    Please put me on your 2017 spring list to receive RAMPS!

  69. Joanna Baldwin

    U sell fresh wild ramps ready to eat?

  70. Shirley Diehl

    Do you sell the ramps by the pound?

    • RampHead

      Yes – I usually start towards the end of March.

  71. Jeff Evans

    Are you selling any now?

    • RampHead

      Bulbs are for sale now. The ramp plants should be coming up soon, and I will begin selling them. It is usually towards the end of March.

      • Terry

        I must be blind from not having ramps for a couple of years. Exactly how do I place an order??

        • RampHead

          I will have the order forms up in a week or two. The ramps aren’t quite ready yet. Sign up for the mailing list to be alerted as soon as I put them on sale..

          • June Robbs

            How can I order ramps sent to michigan?will they do ok under pine trees and amongst hostas? I could add organic mulch to the soil. Thanks for info. June robbs

  72. John

    Got my ramp bulb order today! They look good! Thanks again!

  73. Jim Koon

    Be sure to let me know

  74. Rosario

    I’m not going to eat the ramps this year,I want to plant them in my garden.Do I need to purchase bulbs or plants? Thank you!

    • RampHead

      Bulbs or plants. Both are shipped live. 🙂

    • Rosario

      Thank you !

  75. Judy Lewis

    Please let me know the cost of your ramps. And the shipping. I live in Ohio.

  76. Keri

    Hi, how much is a pound of ramps?

  77. Pete Buchan

    Are you going to open up again now that it is late March?

    • RampHead

      Yes! The forms are up!

  78. John Carter


    I never ordered ramps before, but after having some in Charleston, SC last year, I’m hooked! I’d like to get 2 or 3 pounds and pickle a good portion, but I don’t know when it would be best to order. Any advice? I am going to be out of town next week, so I will not be home to accept shipment. Thanks!!

    • RampHead

      I only ship on Mondays and (sometimes Tuesdays) so time your order accordingly.

  79. Eric

    Hi, If I order a bunch can these be transplanted with an eye toward seeding and coming back next year? (I have some forest-like area in my backyard where I’d like to see if they’ll take.)

    • RampHead

      I ship live plants, so you can plant them if you would like.

  80. Ugie

    Hi, if I order now, will it have much green on it or just the root?

    • RampHead

      They have plenty of green on them right now.

  81. Sherry Breedlove

    Hi, I wanted to order ramps to have sent to my brother in Florida. Do you know if they would stay fresh for this?

    • RampHead

      I ship to Florida all of the time. Just make sure someone is at home to receive them.

  82. Sherry Breedlove

    I placed my order Friday evening (4/7/17).I’m excited for him to get them. THANK YOU!!

  83. Casey N.

    How large are the bulbs as of right now? I’d like to get larger bulbs.

  84. Bob Weir

    When are bulbs available for sale?

  85. Stacy Hayhurst

    How many pounds of RAMPS are in a bushel?

    • RampHead

      I have no idea.

  86. Jim koon

    Shipping today when will my order be delivered in ga

    • RampHead

      Should be Wednesday.

  87. Kevin Bolinger

    Are you still shipping them an what’s the cost I’m in pa

  88. Jim

    How much does a bushel cost

  89. Stephen Guesman

    Just left a comment about wait lists … the page wouldn’t accept my website url so I had to delete it to get the message to post … I hope?

  90. Adam

    Hello.. What is the price per pound of fresh harvested ramps for 2019? I am interested in buying 10 pounds or so.

  91. Timothy D Dainty

    Can I order soon???

  92. Marsha Mathes

    When will ramps be available for the 2019 season?

    • RampHead

      Very soon!

  93. Tammy Hicks

    Do you know when 2019 season for ramps will begin

    • RampHead

      I hope to start next week!

    • Vladimir Kelman

      Allium Tricoccum (ramps) I bought previous years began to show themselves up in my Maryland garden.

  94. Mark

    Will you have more for sale this year

    • RampHead

      Yes – very soon.

  95. Emily Michelsen

    I want some to plant. Get I get them from you?

    • RampHead

      Of course! You can plant the ramps that I send you!

      • John Hill

        can ramps grow in full sun like green onions ?

        • RampHead

          They don’t do as well. They prefer full or partial shade.

      • John Hill

        what kind of environment is best for growing ramps

  96. Junghee Kim

    Hi. I just ordered 1 pound of fresh wild ramp. Is it possible water planting until roots coming out?

  97. Casey

    I’m looking for the larger bulbs. When should I place my order?

  98. Phil Buchanan

    Sorry to hear about your mishap.
    When will you be back to digging. I would like to get some ramps from you. I lived in Monterville wva and dug and ate lots and lots of them. However I’m not living there anymore and they don’t have them around here.
    So please let me know when I could place a order with you. Thanks. You can reach me on thanks

  99. Mary Roberts

    I wish to purchase 5-10 lbs of ramps in 2020. Please let me know when they are available.


    I wish to purchase ramps when they are available, thanks.

  101. Brian Pinci

    Hi, We would like to purchase 3 lbs again this year when they are ready. We like them leafy. So later in season.

  102. Heather McIntyre

    I ready your message and am sad that you won’t be able to sell this year. I pray that you sand your loved ones stay safe and healthy. I look forward to ordering from you in 2021.

  103. Kelli lewis

    Hi, I bought ramp seeds 4 years ago and have been so excited about them. I have left them alone as told so that they mature and produce seeds. Something ate just the lleaves this year. Will they still produce seed ? There is no leaves on ground at all. I’m so upset. Ugh

  104. John

    Can I be put on a list for 2021? I live in SW/WV and would love to grow some in our home garden, as we have lots of trees on one side of the property with adequate dappled shade.

  105. Antonia

    I’m excited to try growing my own ramps this year! I have a shaded nyc backyard (most of it is under a big tree) with good soil, so fingers crossed the ramps will like it there.

  106. J. Church

    Some of these comments are really outdated. Are you still in business for the year 2021? Blessings JC

    • RampHead

      I sure am!

  107. Matt

    How those patches looking my friend? We’re coming along here in MD but this frost has be worried. What’s your experience in past years as to effects on the crop when we have such cold temps this late? Also when it comes to shipping your ramps, do you use a padded mailer or a box? Frozen packs or dry ice? We sent a few packages to friends last year with mixed results, though I think it was the state of ramps over the shipping method to be honest.

  108. Sharon K Moreland

    I am interested in getting some ramps to plant. They can be plants or bulbs, whatever you have. We haven’t had frost here in Mt Storm as yet so I could plant some now. Please let me know when ramps are available from you. Thank you, Sharon

  109. jackk friend

    how do you buy the ramps?

  110. Liz

    I would be interested in ordering a pound or two of ramp bulbs to plant in my woodland yard for next year. When will you be harvesting bulbs for next year 2023. Thanks

  111. Merlee Coe-Jones

    Hello Mr Ramphead I have been craving some ramps iwould love to buy some fresh bulbs an seasoning if you have any left .I would need 8 seasonings if you have it .My # is 910 378 6194. I have already signed up with Email

  112. Michael ODea

    Will you be selling any fresh Ramps this season?

  113. Denver R Painter

    Txt me when I can get some Ramps

  114. Roy Painter

    Please let me know when I can order some Ramps

  115. Kathy Ruble

    Would like to know when I can order some ramps.

  116. Julie Nixon

    Hello are you still selling ramps?

  117. Julie Nixon

    Are you selling ramps now?

  118. Tonia

    No more ramps? 🙁

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