Baby Pheasants While Ramp Digging

Today was the last day of the year we went out digging for fresh ramps. The last orders with ship on 5/5. We have enough to fill all of last weeks orders and we dug even more in order to make several more batches of Ramp Seasoning. If you missed out on fresh ramps this year, do try the seasoning. It’s tastes great and can be used in a variety of dishes.

I have a bit of a story to tell you about todays adventure. My wife and I were walking up a small embankment when a Pheasant or Ruffed Grouse flew right up in front of us. It went about 20 feet, hit the ground and started flopping around like it was wounded. I knew from experience that a mother with small young would do this to lure a predator away from her young if she felt they were threatened. I looked down at my feet and there were three teeny tiny itty bitty chicks laying motionless. One was literally at the tip of my shoe. I had nearly stepped on it. Its hatch mates were only a few inches away from it. I pointed them out to the wife and we ooohed and ahhhed over them for a few minutes. The mother was still flapping in the leaves trying to divert our attention.

I snapped a picture of them before we continued on our way. When we got up a little higher, we watched momma come back, rustle up her young’uns, and quickly lead them in another direction. I hope we didn’t disturb the momma or the baby pheasants too much. Spring is such a wonderful time of the year to be out and about in the woods.

Baby Pheasants

One Baby Pheasant

Baby Pheasants 2

Another Baby Pheasant

You can click on the images to make them larger. Cute little guys, aren’t they?


  1. Anita Toth Simpson

    Great pictures and I loved your story but with that long beak, I do believe it was a woodcock. Scroll down to Hatchlings.

  2. RampHead

    Anita, It appears that you are right!

  3. Greg

    Would love to have some of the early bulbs!!!

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