2023 Late Summer Ramp Bulb Update #3

Cool fall weather is quickly approaching. We are supposed to have a few nights down in the 40’s this week. That will be a refreshing feeling compared to the hot and humid weather we have had the past month. I’m not looking forward to winter at all, but I do love fall. Are you still enduring the scorching heat where you are located? I know some of you have had some extreme temperatures over the past couple of months.

Have you heard about the newest National Park located right here in West Virginia? New River Gorge National Park. I grew up beating, banging, and stomping around in the New River, Gauley River, and they’re tributaries. It’s kind of amazing that the New River Gorge is now a national park. We also have a new state park, the first new state park in over 30 years – Summersville Lake. A major attraction for boating, fishing, water skiing and jet skiing. I kind of feel like my little places that were hidden away from the world are slowly but surely getting more and more national attention.

I have new freshly dug ramp bulbs ready to go out the door. If you have been waiting to order some, now is as good a time as any!

Here is the link to the order page https://wildwestvirginiaramps.com/order-ramp-bulbs/

New River Gorge National Park


  1. Jo

    I ordered ramp bulbs from you 15 years ago about. We lived in WA state at that time. We made a raised bed that we could change into a covered wagon look at the beginning of summer. At the end of those 15 years, our 4×4 ft bed was full of plants and we had started pulling a few with the bulbs intact to eat. Then we moved to Ky a year ago and had to leave all the ramps we had cultivated there. Now, we are starting over. It’s very very hot here so will have to make our covered wagon again . We have no shade in this area. It’s all pasture land. I will attempt to do what I did in Wa. . If they do okay next year, I will definitely order more. Thank you for your quick turn around.
    Ps. Can I put these bulbs in the frig until it cooled down a bit. It’s still in the 80’s here and very dry. Our farm pond is almost dry and has never been that low in the past.

    • RampHead

      Glad to hear they did so well in WA state. Yes you can keep them in a fridge for a little while until it cools down. Just make sure that you keep them slightly damp.

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