Wild Ramps Are Now Shipping For 2016

As I posted last week, I expected ramps would be ready to ship out within a week.  They seem to be growing quickly, so I plan on shipping out the first boxes of ramps the week of 3/21.

Please note that these first week ramps will be the smaller yet stronger variety. They still do not have a large amount of green on them, but it is at this stage they are at their tastiest (according to the locals- myself included). The smaller ramps look like this. Some have more green, some have less green, but they are full of flavor. This is the size that most locals prefer to eat them. This is when they are most tender.

If you prefer the larger leafier ramps, you will have to wait another week or two to place your order. If you want the large ramps, please do not order now. or your ramps may be smaller than you expected.

If you like the smaller more pungent plants, please feel free to order now.

The order page with qty and pricing information is located here:  Wild West Virginia Ramps For Sale!


  1. barbara powell

    Had no seasonings shipped RAMPS !!!! Whereareyoulocated? I love thEm!!!!!

    • barbara warne powe

      Live in Raleigh, NC when will you be shipping and what is cost?

  2. Carolyn

    I’d like to have some shipped to my son in Md.

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