Ramp Bulbs Are Still Shipping

It is now mid February and the time for harvesting and eating ramps is getting very close. I would guess six weeks away if the snow melts off quickly. In the meantime, we are still shipping out ramp bulbs. I dug a box full them earlier this week, and have they are ready to go. If you are waiting to buy bulbs, now would be the time to do it as I don’t know if I will be digging any more (bulbs) in the next few weeks. However, I do have a bunch on hand right now that I need to ship out.

Please visit the Ramp Bulb Order Page to place your order.

raised bed ramp bulb garden

Raised Bed Ramp Garden


  1. Melissa Anthony

    Are ramp bulbs and seeds sold out this year? If so, can I start my patch with the fresh ramps?

    • RampHead

      Yes and yes.

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