It’s Almost Time To Start Shipping Ramps

Hi Everyone.

The ramps seem to be growing a little bit slower this year. By this time last year, we had already processed the first weeks shipment. But fear not! I feel quite strongly that I should be able to start taking ramp orders by 3/27. That means that the first plants of the year should be shipping out on 4/3. Fingers crossed!



  1. How much a pound?

  2. If ordering ramps for planting should I wait until they are bigger with more green on them? I can keep them refrigerated until I’m ready to plant them but I need to know what ground temperature is best.

  3. I don’t understand where are the prices of book andp lants, and how to order! why to make it so difficult to find? should shopping be easy to do?

  4. When are you go9ng to start taking orders for ramps?

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