2023 Late Winter Ramp Bulbs Update #2

Hello again everyone. I’ve got another update that I would like to tell everyone about. I once again have a good stock of ramp bulbs due to the nice weather we had last week. The second thing I want to tell you all about is that I have decided not to sell ramps during the spring. I tried to do it last year (for the first time in two years) and I simply couldn’t keep up with the demand. Therefore, if you want ramps with green tops on them, I highly suggest that you buy some bulbs and plant them now. They have already went through the freeze this year, so if you put them in some dirt, they will pop right up. You can plant them in the ground or put them in some flower pots. Just give them a little bit of water and some sunlight to grow them out and harvest your own fresh ramps as soon as you are ready for them. I hope to always be able to sell you guys the bulbs to grow yourself some “instant ramps”, but ramps with greens on them are a whole different beast to deal with.

I thank each and every one of you for your continued patronage over the years.

Beartown State Park – WV


  1. Pasithea

    Thank you for the bulbs! They arrived in perfect condition and were planted in my maple woods where the trout lilies bloom. Fingers crossed!

    • RampHead

      Good luck!

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