Ramp Shipping Is Back On Schedule

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for ramp digging,  The snow and frozen ground really impeded our progress. But, alas! The past couple of days have produced excellent weather. It was so good, we are completely caught up. We will be shipping every order that we have on Monday 3/28. Thank you so much for your patience! This delay was totally unexpected.

This is the current size of the ramps. They are getting large quickly.

Medium Size Wild Ramps

Medium Size Wild Ramps


Pending some disaster, we should not fall behind on shipping anymore.

The order page with qty and pricing information is located here:  WILD RAMPS ORDER FORM

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  1. Loretta Shaffer

    I ordered 2 lbs. and received them a few days later. They were wilted but after soaking them in cold water they plumped back up. We really enjoyed eating them. Thanks.

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