What Food is Your State Known For?

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I’m sure all of you that are reading this are aware that West Virginia is well known for it’s spring ramps. However, there are a few other foods that were made popular in West Virginia. At least, that’s what I’ve heard for most of my life.

Pepperoni Rolls

The classic pepperoni roll consists of a fairly soft white yeast bread roll with pepperoni baked in the middle. During baking, the fats in the pepperoni (which are hard at room temperature) melt, resulting in a spicy oil suffusing into the bread. Pepperoni rolls are typically eaten as a snack or as the main dish of a lunch either unheated or slightly warmed.

The pepperoni roll was first sold by Giuseppe “Joseph” Argiro at the Country Club Bakery in Fairmont, West Virginia, in 1927. The rolls originated as a lunch option for the coal miners of north-central West Virginia in the first half of the 20th century. Pepperoni rolls do not need to be refrigerated for storage and could readily be packed for lunch by miners. Pepperoni and other Italian foods became popular in north-central West Virginia in the early 20th century, when the booming mines and railroads attracted many immigrants from Italy.

Hot Dogs with Slaw

The perfect West Virginia hot dog is an exercise in balance. Compared to eastern North Carolina’s bright-red dog or the Chicago-style Vienna Beef, a West Virginia hot dog relies less on the sausage and more on the interplay of chili, yellow mustard, chopped onions, and cool, sweet coleslaw.

What food is your state best known for? Leave a comment below!


  1. Karen B

    Ohio has Trail bologna, Cincinnati chili, and green bean casserole!

    • RampHead

      I do love some green bean casserole!

  2. T. Bonee

    Since I’m smack between Memphis and Nashville, I have to say Memphis BBQ, and hot fried chicken, lol. However, its what we are lesser known for that I love most…things like poke sallet greens with bacon and eggs or fried catfish lol

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