More Ramps Shipping Out On 4/28

Hi folks.

Just a quick update to let you know that we have another shipment of ramps going out on 4/28. The ramps are quite large now which seems to be what a lot of you prefer.

Also, I have located a video that I think many of you will enjoy. These are MY people! Proud of my culture. Proud of my heritage. (Well…most of it anyway!)

And one other thing. For the largest list of ramp festivals on the internet, please visit The King of Stink. On the left hand side of their page, there are several links to ramp festivals in various states.


  1. Anita Toth Simpson

    Thank for the shout out for King of Stink!

    • RampHead

      No problem! I noticed your link back to wild west virginia ramps also. Thank you!

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