Website Update

I need a little bit of help from you guys.

I have finished a major overhaul on the ramp website. Can you jump in there when you get a chance. Poke around the new shop page, and perhaps leave a comment or two?

I’ll tell you what – I have added a limited use coupon to the website. For the first 5 people that order 36 ramp bulbs and use coupon code NEWSITE25 (expired) I’ll give you 25% off that order of bulbs. This will help me to make sure everything is working on the backend.

If you have any errors or hiccups, please let me know.


9 thoughts on “Website Update”

  1. Excellent! You have made it possible to change the quantity from 1 to as many orders you would like to make. I placed 3 individual orders yesterday to complete my order of 3.

  2. I like the new website, easy to read and find what your looking for. Good recipe section with clear easy to read instructions. I wouldn’t change a thing. GOOD JOB !!

  3. is there any place that sells ramp flakes or ramp seasoing now? Need one or the other for cooking a recipe in October, 2017. Thanks

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