Ramps: How to Take a Leek in the Woods

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Ecology, Cultivation, Recipes, History, Income, Conservation and More Finally, a thorough and practical guide to a longtime forest favorite, well-seasoned with homespun humor. For untold ages, people close to the land have used wild leeks as a healthy addition to their diet. Recent years have seen an unexpected growth in their popularity. The author offers timely suggestions for conserving existing populations while promoting their uses. His years of experience in the business of wholesaling them, along with a love and respect for all things wild, have created a compelling work. Features . . . * Step-by-step instructions on both harvesting and propagation. * A handful of essential recipes and cooking tips. * Freezing, drying, cleaning and pickling techniques. * Plus! Complete instructions for the commercial harvester—methods for cleaning, selling, shipping and sustainability. * With fifty-five photos.

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