It’s Almost Time To Start Shipping Ramps

Hi Everyone.

The ramps seem to be growing a little bit slower this year. By this time last year, we had already processed the first weeks shipment. But fear not! I feel quite strongly that I should be able to start taking ramp orders by 3/27. That means that the first plants of the year should be shipping out on 4/3. Fingers crossed!


One Persons Experience In Planting Ramp Bulbs

While my goal is to only grow Italian originated plants America does have one botanical treasure that the Italians don’t have… ramps!

Ramps are a type of American wild leek that taste like a cross between a garlic and an onion. They are extremely pungent but at the same time have an exquisite earthy flavor. As you cook them they get milder and develop that delicious garlic/onion flavor. You can find out more about ramps here.

I was able to source about a 100 ramp bulbs from a farm down in West Virginia (Mail order only). I just got them a few days ago and today was a perfect day to plant them. Since my garden is already allocated to the max with future plant homes, I decided that the best way to grow these ramps was in one of the available 4×4 raised beds I had. All I did was dig my trowel about 7 inches deep into the soil and moved it left to right in order to make a ‘V’ shaped well for the ramp bulb. I kept the spacing pretty close as I want the bed to get filled with ramps. Once the bed is established I plan to take chunks of ramps and transplant them out to other areas of the property other than the garden.

You can order ramp bulbs here.

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Fall 2016 Ramp Bulbs Are Shipping

I hope this message finds everyone well and in good health. I want to thank all of you for your emails of concern when southern West Virginia was experiencing the devastating flooding a few months ago. My home and family stayed dry, but I had a lot of friends that were not so lucky. That being said, let’s push 2016 out of here and get ready for a brand new year.

And since we are close to the beginning of a new year, I have some excellent news to share with you. Ramps bulbs are shipping for fall of 2016. Since the weather has been unseasonably nice so far, you will be able to plant these guys now and they can wait out the spring underground. Expect to see them popping up out of the ground around the first week of April.

You can find the order page by clicking here.


A Couple Of Books You May Be Interested In


Now that ramp season is behind us, I find myself with a lot of time to read. Here are the latest two books that I read and I wanted to share them with you. I really enjoyed reading these books and I feel that you will enjoy them also.

The first one is Farming the Woods: An Integrated Permaculture Approach to Growing Food and Medicinals in Temperate Forests.

And the second one is The Art of Cooking Morels.


I highly recommend these books! I have thoroughly enjoyed them.

farming in the woods
Farming the Woods covers in detail how to cultivate, harvest, and market high-value non-timber forest crops such as American ginseng, shiitake mushrooms, ramps (wild leeks), maple syrup, fruit and nut trees, ornamental ferns, and more. Comprehensive information is also offered on historical perspectives of forest farming; mimicking the forest in a changing climate; cultivation of medicinal crops; creating a forest nursery; harvesting and utilizing wood products; the role of animals in the forest farm; and how to design and manage your forest farm once it’s set up. This book is a must-read for farmers and gardeners interested in incorporating aspects of agroforestry, permaculture, forest gardening, and sustainable woodlot management into the concept of a whole-farm organism.

the art of cooking morels
Morels have captured the imagination of America’s cooks: more than any other mushroom, they entice chefs to forage in the wilderness each spring, attempting to find the treasured, honeycombed fungus in its hiding places in the wild. In The Art of Cooking Morels , Ruth Mossok Johnston brings together more than 80 recipes for this delicacy, suitable for cooking with fresh mushrooms in season or dried year-round. The recipes, accompanied by stunning full-color illustrations, offer options for appetizers, soups, entrées, and side dishes from simple and elegant to exotic and sophisticated, and always mindful of highlighting the delicate morel. Johnston’s recipes are heart healthy, inventive, and delicious. The author also includes instructions for handling, storing, and preserving morels.

Another Couple Of Weeks To Get This Years Ramps

A couple of quick updates.

The weekend weather patterns have really wreaked havoc on us trying to dig ramps this year. I think that we have finally made the turn and I can see greener pastures coming up.  Also, all orders that have been placed up through today are now packaged and will be placed in the mail tomorrow morning, so we are caught up again.  This weekend weather looks like great ramp digging weather and I am looking forward to it for sure!

That being said I am hoping to be able to ship for at least two more weeks. The warm weather will get things moving very quickly now and before we know it, ramps season will be over for another year.

You can order your ramps here.

Ramps For Everyone!
Ramps For Everyone!

Ramp Shipping Is Back On Schedule

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for ramp digging,  The snow and frozen ground really impeded our progress. But, alas! The past couple of days have produced excellent weather. It was so good, we are completely caught up. We will be shipping every order that we have on Monday 3/28. Thank you so much for your patience! This delay was totally unexpected.

This is the current size of the ramps. They are getting large quickly.

Medium Size Wild Ramps
Medium Size Wild Ramps


Pending some disaster, we should not fall behind on shipping anymore.

The order page with qty and pricing information is located here:  WILD RAMPS ORDER FORM